The secrets of ocarina making revealed!

Although ocarina making is simple in theory, there are numerous subtleties which general tutorials do not reveal. Like most new makers I battled with non sounding ocarinas, weak or absent high notes and complete disasters in surface finish. These difficulties almost lead me to give up.

Starting from scratch it can take months before you make an ocarina which looks good and plays strongly through its entire range. To give you a head start, I have compiled my experiences into an E-Book, The Art Of Ocarina Making.

Art Of Ocarina Making book cover

Whether you want to make ocarinas as a curiosity or a serious endeavour, The Art of Ocarina Making details everything you need to know to make your first successful ocarinas. Each step is described in plain English accompanied with over 300 detailed photographs and diagrams.

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Inside you will find:

The Art of Ocarina Making includes many sections, covering all aspects of ocarina making:

The basics:

  • How ocarinas work
  • Tools to use
  • Getting started with clay work, what kind to buy

Making your first playing ocarina:

  • Common mistakes to avoid, letting you quickly make your first playing ocarina

Manufacture methods:

  • Working by hand
  • Making and using aligned plaster molds
  • Pros and cons clearly described for each techniques

Creating ocarinas as musical instruments:

  • Designing ocarinas with good ergonomics
  • Functioning and creation of the windway, labium and sound hole
  • How to design an ocarina that plays through its entire range

The technicalities of tuning ocarinas:

  • Choosing your ocarina's breath curve
  • Methods for tuning 10, 11, 12 and 4 hole ocarinas
  • Dealing with weak high notes in 12 hole ocarinas

Finishing, firing and glazing your ocarinas:

  • An introduction to the firing process
  • Obtaining a smooth professional finish
  • Glazing your ocarinas

Advanced topics:

  • Tuning ocarinas to concert pitch
  • Improving the tuning of cross-fingered accidentals
  • Avoiding problem areas in your ocarina designs

The ocarina debugger:

  • An outline of all common ocarina problems and solutions
  • How to fix your non playing, squeaking and pitch jumping ocarinas
  • Improving your ocarina's high notes

Fingering charts:

  • Charts for European, Asian and inline style 10 hole ocarinas
  • Charts for Taiwanese and Japanese style 12 hole ocarinas
  • Charts for 4, 5 and 6 hole English pendent ocarinas

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