Why make ocarinas?


After going through the process of acquiring materials, learning methods There is nothing like hearing the first sound from an instrument you made with your own hands.

Once you've made a few ocarinas you will likely be caught by the endless quest to develop the perfect instrument.

It's cheaper

Even though ocarinas are cheap relative to many instruments, playing the ocarina can still be an expensive hobby. It is easy to become entreated by all of the different designers and keys of ocarinas available. Once you begin to get more advanced with your playing and want oc's in different keys, this can get seriously expencive.

Adding to that, if there are no ocarina makers in your home country, or nobody who makes ocarinas in your preferred style, or to a adequate quality, shipping costs and customs charges can easily double the instruments list price.

For around £15/$28 you can obtain 12 kg of clay and all of the needed tools. With a little knowledge and practice, you can make ocarinas in any style or key you desire.

Enhanced playing comfort

Different people have different hand sizes, shapes and different degrees of muscle flexibility. Consequently an ocarina which feels fantastic to one person may give you an aching thumb. The placement of finger holes makes a big difference to the playability of an ocarina, a variation of just a few millimeters can be the difference between a super instrument and one that's unplayable.

If you make your own ocarinas, you can make them just for your own hands offering the best playing ergonomics. Leadening to a more relaxed playing experience and fewer missed notes.

Unlimited customisation

When you make your own ocarinas, you are not limited to creating them in traditional shapes or fingering systems. Unlike most wind instruments the ocarina does not depend on the placement of it's finger holes for correct intonation. This allows great flexibility in both visual design and fingering systems.

For example, you could make an ocarina which natively plays a pentatonic scale, a minor key or a non-western tuning. You are also free to make ocarinas with any sculptural design you can think of, and glaze it any way you wish.


Making a few ocarinas is one of the best things you can do as an ocarina player. Doing so gives you a deeper understanding and appreciation. Insights into the instruments characteristics and limitations. Unlike most instruments, ocarinas are simple enough that just about anyone can learn to make them.