Ocarina fingering chart generator

When making ocarinas, your first instruments can end up in any key, and as such it can be difficult to know what notes you should be tuning to. I wrote this tool to help you to tune them. It can generate fingering charts for all common ocarina styles in ANY key!

Common fingering charts:

Notes on generic fingering charts

As the pitch of an ocarina is controlled by the total area of open holes, numerous fingerings are possible for the same note, with variations giving slightly sharper or flatter notes. However chamber shape is also a factor, and the same fingering will result in different intonation on different ocarinas.

The fingering charts generated by this tool are generic, they should result in approximately the right note but may not be optimal. Some experimentation is needed to find the best combination for a given instrument. Also, the charts generated by this software are not intended to reflect those of any single maker.

Ocarina makers create their fingering charts by experimenting to find the fingerings that give the best intonation for their instruments. If you want a fingering chart for a specific ocarina, use the one that came with it, or look on the manufacturer's website.